We provide workplace insurance for businesses in industries like manufacturing, health services, construction, retail and food services.

That means that when someone’s hurt or sick because of work, we provide wage replacement, pay medical bills and we help people get safely back to work when the time’s right.

Questions to ask to avoid getting hurt at work

Whether you just started your first job, a summer job, or an internship, there are tons of questions you might, and should have, about workplace safety. So, we’re here to answer some of the more important and popular ones below in the "Frequently asked questions" section.

Frequently asked questions

Talk to your boss, supervisor or Health and Safety Representative about going over your workplace safety protocols. You have the right to know about workplace hazards and what to do about them, and you must follow your workplace’s health and safety policies and procedures.

Check employer safety records!

Visit the WSIB website to check on the safety of Ontario businesses. You can find out how safe your job is by looking at the number of injuries a business has in a year, the leading types of injures for that workplace and much more.

Check your employer's health and safety statistics now.

Do you know what to do if you get hurt at work?

Don’t panic. Don’t stop to post about it. Do the following:

  1. Get medical help

    Your workplace is responsible for providing first aid. Go to the doctor or hospital if you need treatment – your boss is also required to pay for your transportation.

  2. Tell your boss

    Tell your boss or supervisor about your injury or illness. They will investigate and keep a record of what happened.

  3. Report to the WSIB

    Your boss or company must tell us within three days if an injury or illness happens. You can report it by submitting the Worker’s Report of Injury/Illness (form 6).

  4. Work together

    We work with you and your company to help you recover and return to work safely and at the right time.

Parents! Talk to your kids about workplace safety

We get it. Talking to your kid can be hard because, well… they’re a kid. But workplace safety is something worth talking about. So, we’ve put together list of questions you can ask to get the conversation started, get your kid thinking about workplace safety, and help them stay safe at work.

Questions to ask your kid:

  • Tell me about the equipment you work with or on?
  • Is there anything dangerous that can hurt you?
  • Is all the proper guarding on equipment?
  • Have you heard any stories about people getting injured or harassed?
  • Do people treat each other well?