Practice Safe Work Ant testimonial video: Text transcript with description of visuals

Audio Visual
(humming) There's a cartoon ant carrying a box in a warehouse. She's wearing a hardhat, gloves, a safety vest and a t-shirt. Her name is Antina.
Another ant, who's also wearing a hardhat, safety vest and a t-shirt, is driving a forklift carrying a large box towards Antina.
Whaa? Antina notices the forklift coming at her.


(brakes squeal)

The forklift driver sees Antina and slams on the brakes.
(thump) The large box falls off the forklift and lands on top of Antina.
Antina got squashed! A third ant wearing a hard hat, safety vest and t-shirt sees the box land on top of Antina.
(grunting) The box on top of Antina starts to move.
(groaning) The third ant is watching in amazement.

Yeah baby!

(kissing sounds)

Antina lifts the box high over her head. She kisses her bulging muscles.
The words "Ants lift 10x their bodyweight. You don't." appear.
Antina's good! The image of the warehouse is replaced with a solid background and the words "You're only human. #PracticeSafeWork" and the WSIB logo appear.