Practice Safe Work Turtle testimonial video: Text transcript with description of visuals

Audio Visual
(funky music)

A turtle is raking a sand trap on a golf course. She's wearing work boots, a high-vis vest, work gloves, work pants, a bucket hat and has her sunglasses on her head.

A golf ball comes toward her and lands in the sand in front of her.


Another golf ball comes flying at her and she ducks her head to avoid being hit.


Like, ummm, I'm working here!

She tries to continue raking but more and more golf balls come flying at her, bouncing off of her shell.


(sound of golf balls hitting her shell)

She pulls her head and arms into her shell so can only just see her eyes and the top of her head above her shell.

The words "Turtles can grow shells harder than concrete." appear onscreen.

Shelter in place.

The turtle has pulled all of her limbs into her shell so all you can see are her boots and the top of her head. She starts walking away from the sand trap as the words "You can't." and "#PracticeSafeWork" appear above her.

(funky music)

Not cute!

The image of the golf course is replaced with a solid background and the WSIB logo appears above the words "Here to help people stay on course."