Practice Safe Work Bird testimonial video: Text transcript with description of visuals

Audio Visual
(sound of typing on a cell phone) Cartoon birds are working to build a two-story house. They're all wearing hard hats and safety vests.
(phone notification)

One bird, Frank, is standing on the second floor of the unfinished house, looking at his phone.

We zoom in on another bird, who’s standing on a ladder, holding a hammer with his wing.

Hey Frank, come on, less tweeting, more hammering, okay. The bird looks up toward Frank, who's on the platform above him. Frank is off screen. As he's talking the hammer slips from his grasp.
(screaming) He tries to catch the hammer, but ends up falling backwards off the ladder.
hmm As he’s falling to the ground he starts flapping his wings – he stops falling and starts floating.

Look at that.


I know.

The words "Birds fly. You don't." appear onscreen.
I'm a very good flyer. The image of the construction site is replaced with a solid background and the words "You're only human. #PracticeSafeWork" and the WSIB logo appear.